wellens-wallScott’s Story

You know the ubiquitous wireless towers you see along the highway? Those hunks of steel and antennae used to be Scott Wellens’ world. They meant a paycheck for him. And for 15 years, it was a very good paycheck. Better than he could have ever imagined when he was working in retail management, with a huge pile of debt, a new baby, and a pervasive feeling of shame and stress about his financial situation.

The opportunity to become the VP of sales for a large wireless company was a tremendous one, and not just for the paycheck. Working in sales allowed Scott to do what he was naturally inclined to do: build relationships. He was always meant to work one-on-one with people, making connections with them, hearing about the things that stressed them out, and helping them find the right solutions. That part of the job, Scott loved.

But remember the towers? That part he didn’t love so much. B-to-B selling of wireless products and services wasn’t his passion—although he never would have discovered his passion without it. In just five years, Scott’s income tripled. He was able to pay off his debt and start operating from the black. But even with his newfound jump in assets, his stress didn’t dissipate. Instead, it took the shape of new worries and concerns. He found himself searching for some financial planning guidance. He sought an unbiased source to help him create a solid financial plan for his growing family.

But the more he searched, the more frustrated he became. His job had him traveling all over the country, which often left him with long layovers and free evenings. Scott spent most of his free time researching the financial industry. He discovered that the bulk of the industry was about trying to sell people on a product that may have nothing to do with their best interest. That’s when Scott stopped reading opinions and started reading facts: peer-reviewed, academic examinations of finances and investments. It’s also when he first got the notion that he wanted to start his own financial planning firm. He had been helping friends and family members on the side for a few years, and he wanted to take the next step—to create the firm that he had been searching for.

So, after passing the Series 65 Exam, which qualified him to be an Investment Adviser Representative, he started Fortress Planning Group in April of 2011, as an independent, fee-only firm. The next step was sitting for his CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™, exam, which he passed in 2013.

Scott created Fortress Planning Group because it was the firm he could never find—the firm with a holistic view of wealth and life and peace of mind that doesn’t rely on selling people things they don’t need. Because he’s independent, he’s not tied to any one product. And because he’s fee-only, he’s not biased in his investment advice.

Scott knows what it’s like when money is scarce, and what it’s like when money is abundant. Mostly, he knows that no matter where you are on the balance sheet, it’s never just about the numbers. Wealth is about laying your cornerstones—whatever they are: health, family, career, spirituality, experiences—and building on them in a way that creates abundance.